Bharat Jewellers: Breathing Jewellery!

Just by opening a showroom where jewellery gets traded does not make one a jeweler. There has to be a burning passion from within. A passion which either gets passed on from one generation to the other or which germinates from a very innate understanding of jewellery. Either ways, one can successfully embark upon a journey where a jewellery showroom gets established and grows in stature and fame for trading in genuine authentic jewellery that does justice to the various tastes people have in jewellery and ornaments.

Bharat Jewellers is one such jewellery showroom. Driven by a passion to cater to people’s unique tastes and style, the jewellery showroom offers a variety of jewellery. The one thing Bharat Jewellers is most famous for is hallmark jewellery. All the jewellery sold in the showroom is certified and hallmarked. Just for the record, Bharat Jewellers was the first showroom in Rewari to trade in hallmark jewellery.

Depending on your taste in jewellery, options available to you are gold, silver, diamonds, solitaires and gemstones. Gold, silver and diamonds are available in rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Some of the gemstones available at Bharat Jewellers include the likes of Turquoise, Quartz, Malachite, Jasper, Amethyst, Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Sugilite, Tigers Eye, Chrysocolla, Hematite etc.

Certified Jewellery

Not only these, in case your jewellery has accumulated dirt and filth which has taken the shine off it, you can always visit Bharat Jewellers for free jewellery cleaning. Free jewellery cleaning at Bharat Jewellers will ensure the dirt and debris stuck on your precious jewellery is gotten rid of and you again begin proudly wearing and flaunting your precious jewellery.


Hallmark Jewellers Are Genuine Traders of Jewellery

Not many jewellers can boast of trading in hallmark jewellery. Not many can proudly claim to be hallmark jewellers. And those who do, carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Trading in hallmarked jewellery is not an easy task, just in case there were a few who thought it was. All the jewellery the jeweler is in possession of has to go through a series of checks before the concerned agencies certifying jewellery accredit it as hallmarked.

If the BIS Hallmark is spoken of, then there are several components that ought to be checked for in jewellery. The very first one is the BIS Logo. The second one would be a 3 digit number which indicates the purity of gold in gold jewellery. These numbers can be anything like 958, 875, 375, 667 etc. The BIS 916 Hallmark certifies a purity of 916 on a scale of 1,000. The assaying center will always have its Logo on the jewellery. That should again be checked for. There will be a logo of the jeweler as well and the final sign would be that of the code denoting the date on which the jewellery got hallmarked.

Bharat Jewellers are hallmark jewellers who can actually boast of trading in hallmarked jewellery. Home to the finest diamond necklace you can find in town and to jewellery available in the best customized jewellery design conceivable, the jewellery group is actually where you can find BIS Hallmarked Jewellery.

Over the years, the showroom has emerged as a happy hunting ground for those seeking the best diamond necklace and other forms of jewellery in gold, silver and solitaires. Besides, every conceivable customized jewellery design is an availability at Bharat Jewellers in the affirmative. If not, then the design you have in mind can be spoken about which will be given shape with all due respect.

Visit now and feel the vibes for you are certain to find a piece for yourself you won’t feel like letting go of.

Certified Diamond Rings and Jewellery with Bharat Jewellers

You may have visited jewellery showrooms where you saw precious diamond rings. Besides, there would have also been necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All in stunning designs, there must have been a feeling to own one and flaunt it with pride in front of the world. Other stuff being shown would have been gold and silver jewellery in the form of gold bangles, gold rings and earrings, stylish silver rings and silver earrings and much more.

But then, were they all certified? Not many jewellery showrooms offer certified jewellery. Bharat Jewellers does. The jewellery showroom is one of its kind, being the 1st ever in Rewari, Haryana to trade in Hallmarked and Certified Jewellery.

You are certain to find Certified Diamond Rings and Jewellery in other forms as well at Bharat Jewellers.

What does ‘Certified’ imply here? A diamond certificate, also known as a diamond dossier or a diamond quality document is basically a kind of verification document created by a group of gemologists. Diamonds or jewellery made from them get evaluated and examined through a loupe or a microscope or some other tool. Its dimensions are studied along with its clarity, color, polish and symmetry. Post that, the diamond or jewellery made from it is authenticated on paper as ‘Certified’.

Diamond Rings

Who ‘Certifies’ diamond jewellery? There are many institutions across the world doing this. There is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) and the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL). Certified Diamond Rings and Jewellery by Bharat Jewellers come certified by these prestigious agencies which makes it even better. This is the place where you are certain to get the most Stylish Silver Rings and Silver Earrings. A visit to the showroom will open you up to jewellery you must have never seen before.

A Jewellery Showroom Where Prospects for Genuine Jewellery Are Endless

It would be a very tall claim for any jewellery showroom to say they showcase the best jewellery. As a matter of fact, only when a handful of jewellery inspectors actually visit the showroom can it be found out whether the showroom really offers good jewellery or not.

Bharat Jewellers is one of those rare jewellery showrooms which can actually claim to be offering genuine, certified and authenticated jewellery in designs that are hard to come across. If it is hallmarked gold jewellery that you look for, you can always place an order for hallmark gold jewellery online. If diamonds are what you seek and that too in unusual designs, then Bharat Jewellers is the place where you can find Certified Diamond Jewellery Designs.

The jewellery showroom has the honor of being the 1st showroom ever in Rewari to offer Hallmarked and Certified jewellery. You can find jewellery in some amazing designs that would be hard to find otherwise.

Most showrooms have gold jewellery. Bharat Jewellers offers hallmark gold jewellery. Besides, you can find some really exciting and uncommon designs. In case you are interested, you can always order for hallmark gold jewellery online. And if diamonds are what excite you more, they too can be found with equal ease. Diamond jewellery available at the showroom are in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces. Besides, all the jewellery is certified.

You will come across some incredible Certified Diamond Jewellery Designs that will leave you stunned.

Apart from gold and diamonds, the jewellery showroom also offers carved gemstones and rare solitaires. Visit the showroom and explore more.

Jewellery Designs Reflect How Good A Jewellery Showroom Is

Judging whether a jewellery showroom is really worth its salt or not is pretty easy. All one has to do is check out the designs of the jewellery being offered. Things are pretty simple. Go visit the showroom. Check out every piece of jewellery showcased. If the designs look unique and uncommon, it can safely be assumed that the showroom is certainly worth being visited and buying jewellery from.

Bharat Jewellers over the years has risen to be counted amongst such jewellery showrooms. It is one of those showrooms where you are certain to find the Best Gold Jewellery Designs. Besides this, if you are also scouting for a Branded Diamond Necklace, then Bharat Jewellers is the place where you would want to be.

Being one of the oldest and most versatile jewellery showrooms, the brand has earned a name for being one of the most trustworthy and reliable. It showcases some highly creative designs and jewellery one would cherish having for years to come. The gold jewellery is hallmarked and certified and is available in some of the Best Gold Jewellery Designs. Also, your search for a Branded Diamond Necklace should not take much time to culminate as again, Bharat Jewellers is where you can find diamond jewellery in all the acclaimed brands.

It is safe to summarize that this is the place you would want to visit when it comes to buying jewellery. A name that has been in business for long, one that has the finest brands and jewellery available in some of the most exquisite designs. All in all, a place worth visiting and buying jewellery from.

Get Your Gold Jewellery Checked For Hallmarks and Purity

Your gold jewellery is an investment you cherish a lot. You put in all your savings to invest in gold and it is only appropriate you get in return what you deserve most. There are a couple of things you must do while buying gold jewellery. First, get the jewellery thoroughly checked for its purity and second, find out whether the gold jewellery you are about to buy is hallmarked or not.

Both have some science going into them and it is very important for you to know both of these in detail.

How do you find out hallmark jewellery? There are five things you must get checked when you are about to purchase gold jewellery. Get the BIS Logo checked for. There has to be a 3-Digit number that indicates the purity of gold. The Assaying Center’s Logo will always be there in the gold jewellery being traded. The jeweler selling the gold jewellery will also have his Logo and finally, the Date of Hallmarking will be there. These are the five Gold Jewellery Hallmarks that get checked for. The presence of all five hallmarks ascertain the fact that the gold jewellery being bought is hallmarked.

Then comes the next question? How to check gold purity? There is a 24-point scale on which a piece of metal can be measured to determine the percentage of gold in it. The unit to measure gold is Karat. So if your piece measures around 16K on 24, then it means your piece has around 66.6 or 67 percent gold in it. Most jewellers have acid test kits, the kits having a black touchstone and a few acid solutions to determine gold percentage. Jewellers also use electronic gold testers along with liquid gels for this purpose. These help test the piece’s electrical conductivity which can further be used to measure purity.

Whenever you are a little perplexed regarding how to check gold purity, you can always rely on these methods.

Diamond Necklace Sets In Designs That Will Transport You into a Different World

It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. They are, as they manage to touch the deepest of chords. It is very hard to explain why women and diamonds are so close. Some call it karmic. Others just an infatuation. But the fact remains, there are fewer material things in this world that make a woman happier than diamonds. What better could be when those diamonds are presented in necklaces and the necklaces are further available in exquisite designs!

If diamond necklaces are what you look for and that too in designs that are not so commonly available, you need to go no further than us. We are Bharat Jewellers based out of Rewari, Haryana. Visit our gold jewellery showroom and find rarely seen Diamond Necklace Set Designs. We offer diamond necklaces crafted in designs you will find hard to spot elsewhere. We have been praised for long for the way we design our diamond necklaces and have been at the receiving end of accolades from all strata of society for understanding what interested parties look for.

Our diamond necklace set designs give you a variety of options ensuring you have enough available to pick from. Visit our gold jewellery showroom once where we not only showcase our collection of diamonds and necklaces but also our hallmarked gold jewellery as well. We are one of the fewer jewellery showrooms in Rewari, Haryana with the distinction of being the 1st ever showroom to trade in Hallmarked and Certified Gold Jewellery.

Stylish Silver Jewellery and Hallmark Gold Jewellery: Available In Designs That Will Leave You Stunned

At times it becomes hard to decide which jewellery showroom would really be the place from where you can buy a pair of your favorite stylish silver rings. More difficult, is choosing a showroom which offers hallmark jewellery, because of which most buyers are forced to look for hallmark gold jewellery online.

But then, that is why the term ‘exception’ was coined somewhere, a word which still holds a great deal of relevance.

Bharat jewellers is one such showroom where both can be found. We offer stylish silver rings in some of the most exquisite designs the rings are looked for in. Concurrently, those looking for gold jewellery that is hallmarked can have their desire met as they can order hallmark gold jewellery online from our website.

We live in times where people want full value for the money they are spending. We live in times where people are simply not ready to compromise on quality and are willing to settle for nothing but the best. Quality is an attribute the best relate with quite closely. Being one of the oldest and most highly respected jewellers in town, we are always striving to innovate with our designs and creations. Our collection reflects contemporary trends which endears to our clientele highly.

Finally, as reputed jewellers we believe in constantly innovating. With changing times, tastes too change. And offering the same mundane stuff all the time is only going to have potential buyers look at other options. We can always be trusted with the best, something we have been doing for quite a long time now.

How to check out the certified gemstones collection?

Gemstones have eternally charmed the mankind with their pristine beauty and flawless aura. If you are also smitten by the both of them, there is a wide variety of precious and semi precious gemstones available to you. However, before investing your hard-earned money in these gems, there are certain things you must remember:

Buy only the certified gemstones:

There are many showrooms where you can find certified gemstones collection at competitive prices. Always lay your trust upon such sellers only. Certification of gemstones refers to quality assurance pertaining to their authenticity, purity, cut, colour, and clarity.

Check the weight in carats of the certified gemstones:

While exploring certified gemstones collection at leading showrooms, check the carat weight of the gemstones properly. It is important from the perspective of availing their astrological advantages and for their buyback as well.

Check the buyback policy of the showroom:

If you are buying gemstones encrusted upon stylish silver rings for women, gold or platinum metal, you must also stay assured about their buyback value as such. There are showrooms offering you best buyback at up to 80% returnable value of the gemstones and up to 90% returnable value of the metal.

Compare the prices of the showroom:

It isn’t a tough task for you. Just check the prices of natural and certified gemstones at leading online stores. Also, check out the bullion prices of the day for the metals like gold or silver used in stylish silver rings for women. This will help you get the best price guarantee to enrich your buying experience.

How to buy certified diamond earrings and get additional benefits?

If a woman is asked about her most treasured possessions, she will always answer them to be her stunning diamonds. Such is the allure and charm of diamonds that you can’t withhold your fascination for them. In the recent times, popularity of diamond jewellery has also grown rapidly. You need to be cautious though!

Always buy certified diamonds from a reputed jewellery showroom. In simplest terms, certification of diamonds refers to lab testing of their quality and authenticity at the famous international laboratories like GIA and IGI. And of course, there are many jewellers selling such certified diamond earrings in your city.

All you need to do is find them. Visit your trusted showroom and ask for the lab certificate with the certified diamond earrings that you want to purchase. This certificate is an assurance about the ethical mining, authenticity and high quality in terms of cut, colour, clarity, and carat of diamonds.

What else to ask for?

Obviously, your pursuit for beautiful diamond earrings begins with mesmerizing designs available in them. Once you have finalized the designs and checked their genuineness, move on to the services being offered to you by the seller.

Why these services are important?

Primarily, these value added services strengthen your trust in the showroom. They are designated to offer you complete buying satisfaction. Apart from this, these services including free jewellery cleaning ensure longer life for your precious jewels.

So, before you buy diamond earrings, ask the showroom if it will offer you free jewellery cleaning and other value-added services in the future.