Why should you buy only Hallmark Jewellery?

Do you know about the hallmarking of jewellery in India? It suffices the purity of gold or any other precious metal to ascertain its true value. It’s essential and you can’t fetch the best prices of your jewels without investing in hallmarked gold or silver jewellery.

It is wise to invest your hard earned money into hallmark jewellery only. There are many jewellers dealing in such jewels. Hallmarking is done by BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards in India. It is a process that recognizes the purity of gold in any jewellery item.

There are some jewellers offering free gold purity check for your jewellery as and when asked by you. Here, remember to buy from the sellers offering this service for your jewellery purchased from other sellers as well.

While gold purity check is a value-added service, hallmarking is essential for its buyback and exchange. So, here are the five signs of hallmarking that you must check on any jewel you are buying.

  1. Logo of the BIS on the hallmark jewellery.
  2. The purity of the gold jewellery: In case you are buying 22K gold, look for the figure of 916 as the mark of purity on it.
  3. Logo of the hallmarking center where the gold purity check was done for that particular jewel.
  4. Year in which hallmarking was done.
  5. Logo of the jeweller or showroom from where you are buying hallmark jewellery.

These are the signs to look out in any jewellery before investing in it!


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