Value-added services offered by the jewellers

The beauty of the exquisite gold jewellery is redefined by the value-added services offered to you. And if you wonder how, there are many reasons backing this claim. Trusted jewellers and showrooms offer numerous services to their discerning clientele.

If you are also planning to buy any such jewellery, here are the services you must check out beforehand.

Gold purity check for customers, new and existing ones:

Let us start with this amazing service that will help you better in the long run. Many jewellers offer free gold purity check for customers who want to ascertain the percentage of gold in their precious jewellery.

You should always prefer the sellers offering free gold purity check for customers buying the gold jewels not only from their showrooms but from other jewellers as well. The leading jewellers have computerized system with an X-ray machine to determine the purity of gold in any beautiful piece.

Free jewellery polishing services for their long life:

Always prefer the jewellers offering free jewellery polishing services to you. This value-added service is aimed at increasing the life of your precious gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. The trusted jewellers have a separate Karigar room designated for this service.

Jewellery Cleaning Services

In fact, you should go for the jewellers providing free jewellery cleaning services along with their polishing and minor repairing. Believe it or not, there are sellers offering this service free of cost for the jewels purchased from other sellers as well.

So, before you buy jewellery, lookout for these services to enhance your shopping experience.


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