Get Your Gold Jewellery Checked For Hallmarks and Purity

Your gold jewellery is an investment you cherish a lot. You put in all your savings to invest in gold and it is only appropriate you get in return what you deserve most. There are a couple of things you must do while buying gold jewellery. First, get the jewellery thoroughly checked for its purity and second, find out whether the gold jewellery you are about to buy is hallmarked or not.

Both have some science going into them and it is very important for you to know both of these in detail.

How do you find out hallmark jewellery? There are five things you must get checked when you are about to purchase gold jewellery. Get the BIS Logo checked for. There has to be a 3-Digit number that indicates the purity of gold. The Assaying Center’s Logo will always be there in the gold jewellery being traded. The jeweler selling the gold jewellery will also have his Logo and finally, the Date of Hallmarking will be there. These are the five Gold Jewellery Hallmarks that get checked for. The presence of all five hallmarks ascertain the fact that the gold jewellery being bought is hallmarked.

Then comes the next question? How to check gold purity? There is a 24-point scale on which a piece of metal can be measured to determine the percentage of gold in it. The unit to measure gold is Karat. So if your piece measures around 16K on 24, then it means your piece has around 66.6 or 67 percent gold in it. Most jewellers have acid test kits, the kits having a black touchstone and a few acid solutions to determine gold percentage. Jewellers also use electronic gold testers along with liquid gels for this purpose. These help test the piece’s electrical conductivity which can further be used to measure purity.

Whenever you are a little perplexed regarding how to check gold purity, you can always rely on these methods.


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