Hallmark Jewellers Are Genuine Traders of Jewellery

Not many jewellers can boast of trading in hallmark jewellery. Not many can proudly claim to be hallmark jewellers. And those who do, carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Trading in hallmarked jewellery is not an easy task, just in case there were a few who thought it was. All the jewellery the jeweler is in possession of has to go through a series of checks before the concerned agencies certifying jewellery accredit it as hallmarked.

If the BIS Hallmark is spoken of, then there are several components that ought to be checked for in jewellery. The very first one is the BIS Logo. The second one would be a 3 digit number which indicates the purity of gold in gold jewellery. These numbers can be anything like 958, 875, 375, 667 etc. The BIS 916 Hallmark certifies a purity of 916 on a scale of 1,000. The assaying center will always have its Logo on the jewellery. That should again be checked for. There will be a logo of the jeweler as well and the final sign would be that of the code denoting the date on which the jewellery got hallmarked.

Bharat Jewellers are hallmark jewellers who can actually boast of trading in hallmarked jewellery. Home to the finest diamond necklace you can find in town and to jewellery available in the best customized jewellery design conceivable, the jewellery group is actually where you can find BIS Hallmarked Jewellery.

Over the years, the showroom has emerged as a happy hunting ground for those seeking the best diamond necklace and other forms of jewellery in gold, silver and solitaires. Besides, every conceivable customized jewellery design is an availability at Bharat Jewellers in the affirmative. If not, then the design you have in mind can be spoken about which will be given shape with all due respect.

Visit now and feel the vibes for you are certain to find a piece for yourself you won’t feel like letting go of.


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