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Bharat Jewellers: Breathing Jewellery!

Just by opening a showroom where jewellery gets traded does not make one a jeweler. There has to be a burning passion from within. A passion which either gets passed on from one generation to the other or which germinates from a very innate understanding of jewellery. Either ways, one can successfully embark upon a journey where a jewellery showroom gets established and grows in stature and fame for trading in genuine authentic jewellery that does justice to the various tastes people have in jewellery and ornaments.

Bharat Jewellers is one such jewellery showroom. Driven by a passion to cater to people’s unique tastes and style, the jewellery showroom offers a variety of jewellery. The one thing Bharat Jewellers is most famous for is hallmark jewellery. All the jewellery sold in the showroom is certified and hallmarked. Just for the record, Bharat Jewellers was the first showroom in Rewari to trade in hallmark jewellery.

Depending on your taste in jewellery, options available to you are gold, silver, diamonds, solitaires and gemstones. Gold, silver and diamonds are available in rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Some of the gemstones available at Bharat Jewellers include the likes of Turquoise, Quartz, Malachite, Jasper, Amethyst, Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Sugilite, Tigers Eye, Chrysocolla, Hematite etc.

Certified Jewellery

Not only these, in case your jewellery has accumulated dirt and filth which has taken the shine off it, you can always visit Bharat Jewellers for free jewellery cleaning. Free jewellery cleaning at Bharat Jewellers will ensure the dirt and debris stuck on your precious jewellery is gotten rid of and you again begin proudly wearing and flaunting your precious jewellery.


How to check out the certified gemstones collection?

Gemstones have eternally charmed the mankind with their pristine beauty and flawless aura. If you are also smitten by the both of them, there is a wide variety of precious and semi precious gemstones available to you. However, before investing your hard-earned money in these gems, there are certain things you must remember:

Buy only the certified gemstones:

There are many showrooms where you can find certified gemstones collection at competitive prices. Always lay your trust upon such sellers only. Certification of gemstones refers to quality assurance pertaining to their authenticity, purity, cut, colour, and clarity.

Check the weight in carats of the certified gemstones:

While exploring certified gemstones collection at leading showrooms, check the carat weight of the gemstones properly. It is important from the perspective of availing their astrological advantages and for their buyback as well.

Check the buyback policy of the showroom:

If you are buying gemstones encrusted upon stylish silver rings for women, gold or platinum metal, you must also stay assured about their buyback value as such. There are showrooms offering you best buyback at up to 80% returnable value of the gemstones and up to 90% returnable value of the metal.

Compare the prices of the showroom:

It isn’t a tough task for you. Just check the prices of natural and certified gemstones at leading online stores. Also, check out the bullion prices of the day for the metals like gold or silver used in stylish silver rings for women. This will help you get the best price guarantee to enrich your buying experience.

Why prefer only the certified gemstones for your collection?

Are you swayed by the striking beauty of natural gemstones? Who wouldn’t be? These gems are charming in their beauty and bestow their immense metaphysical properties on their possessor. You can keep them as loose stones or get them encrusted into hallmarked gold or sterling silver metal to make exquisite jewellery.

How to find the best certified gemstones collection?

Mostly, gemstones are treated with chemicals and heat to enhance their colour and clarity. But with such treatments, they lose their natural beauty and astrological benefits. So what should you do now?

It’s simple! Check out the certified gemstones collection at the leading jewellery showrooms. Don’t hesitate to ask for the certification from a recognized gemology lab for natural gemstones. It will ensure you about their authenticity.

Gemstone Collection

Also, check the colour, clarity, carat weight, and cut of the gemstones before buying them. For astrological purposes, you should buy them in appropriate weight as recommended by an expert astrologer.

Diamond is one of the most alluring gemstones since eternity. You can find astounding and elegant certified diamond jewellery designs at the famous jewellery showrooms. These designs are enriched by the purity of their metal and authenticity of the diamonds used in them.

However, before you buy exclusive jewels like diamond necklace, rings, earrings, etc. ask for the certificate of purity issued by international laboratories like GIA lab of USA and IGI lab of Germany.

Diamond Necklace

With due consideration to these purity factors, you can certainly enjoy the certified diamond jewellery designs offered at the leading stores.

Tips for Buying Gemstones and Jewelry in Haryana

Want to buy gemstones in Haryana but don’t know where to buy from? Don’t worry because we are going to help you with that. Haryana is a growing economy with increasing scope for gemstone and jewelry trading. So, there’s certainly no limit to the number of sellers offering exclusive designs in gemstone jewelry in this state.


But that’s where the dilemma begins for a buyer. Sparkling gemstones are beautiful to look at but extremely tricky to buy. In Haryana cities like Rewari, there are many jewelry showrooms selling exclusive designs in precious and semi precious jewelry.

Before you set out to explore the jewelry market of Rewari for gemstone and silver jewelry, take cues from the tips given below:

  • Check out the reputation of the jeweler before buying from there.
  • The variety of gemstones jewelry must include designs for every budget type, ranging from economy to premium class.
  • Every gemstone at the showroom must be certified from a recognized gemstone lab.
  • If you want to buy silver jewellery in Rewari, buy from the showroom where you get customized jewelry as per your requirements. Choose your own designs and be creative!
  • Check out the prices of gemstones to ensure they are not intended to burn a hole in your pocket. Jokes apart, check the prices and buyback policy of the seller well in advance.

Stylish Silver Jewellery

Who says buying gemstones in cities like Rewari can be a herculean task. Follow these tips and make it simple for you!